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Kota Kubang Labu is one of the old Kelantan capital city and among the first city establish in Kelantan. It was located near the side of kelantan river and in Tumpat district. This city has the width and length about a mile. Kota Kubang Labu have two wall which are outside and the inside wall that will protect the city from enemy. The outside wall was made by strong wood and soil with the height of 20 feet and having a hole to put the artillery and guns. At the upper side, it is made by stone which have a space to shoot and spear launcher. On the other hand, the inside wall were made by wood but less strong than the outside wall to protect castle and the other administration building in it.

In 1698, the queen of Patani, Raja Mas Kelantan, had divided Kelantan to two regions which are the west and the east. The West Kelantan was given to Tuan Sulong who is the son of Wan Daim. Stating at that time, Tuan Sulong had developed a centre of administration at Kota Kubang Labu. Meanwhile, East Kelantan still under the power of Raja Sakti 2 which centre at Pengkalan Datu.

However, Raja Sakti 2 were not really satisfied with the decision of the Queen of Patani. At 1713, Raja Sakti 2 attack Kota Kubang Labu and they can conquer it and make these two regions become one. Hence, Tuan Sulong were escape to Patani.

In 1717, the new Queen of Patani, Raja Mas Chayam was again divided Kelantan into two regions and she was given the west of Kelantan to the son of Tuan Sulong, Long Muhammad. Long Muhammad also governs its region at Kota Kubang Labu. On that time, Raja Sakti 2 was died and the east of Kelantan was governs by Long Bahar.

In 1933, Long Muhammad was attack the centre of east Kelantan, which is at Pengkalan Datu and Long Bahar were died on this battle. His place was replaced by Long Sulaiman. After this attacked, many wars were happen between the west and the east Kelantan.

In 1746, Long Sulaiman with his followers and also joined by Patani’s army which is lead by Sultan Yunus was attack the Kota Kubang Labu. The fort/wall of Kota Kubang Labu were destroy by them and they can conquer it. At this moment, Long Muhammad was escape to Legih. After this happen, Long Sulaiman get the power to govern east Kelantan. However, the west Kelantan was still under the power of Patani. After the incident of Sultan Yunus were killed , in 1750 the new king of Patani Long Nuh was gives away the region of the west Kelantan to Long Sulaiman after he feel guilty because he was killed Sultan Yunus and became the Sultan Of Patani after that. Long Sulaiman changed the centre of administration from Pengkalan Datu and make the Kota Kubang Labu as the centre of administration for whole Kelantan area.

In 1756, occurred the attack to seize the throne which eventually led to the death of Long Sulaiman. After that, Long Pandak, cousin of Long Sulaiman has been appointed to be the Raja Kubang Labu and his brother, Long Muhammad become the raja muda. Then, in 1758, Long Pandak were killed by Long Deraman, raja of Legih, because of Long Pandak had killed his wife, Tengku Tengah, which is Long Deraman’s sister. After that, Long Muhammad has been appointed to be the Raja of kota kubang labu.

During the reign of Long Muhammad, the war was happen between him and Long Yunus, son of Long Sulaiman. Long Muhammad was help by Long Deraman, meanwhile, Long Yunus, was help by Long Ghaffar, who is Putera Raja Reman at Ulu Perak. In the war at 1762, Long Muhammad and Long Deraman were loss and Kota Kubang Labu was conquer by Long Yunus. After that Long Yunus became the Raja of Kota Kubang Labu. During the reign of Long Yunus, in 1782 he was change the centre of administration from kota Kubang Labu to Pengkalan Galuh which is the new administration centre at that time. By this change of the centre, finally the era of kota kubang labu was end.

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